If thrill amusement parks with roller coasters and ferris wheels are too tame, then you might what to try out “Zero Gravity”, a Dallas thrill park built around free falls and flying.

They have everything from simulating a blast off at 70 mph to forces of 4 G’s to 16 story free falls. All fo the rides are built around the feeling of weightlessness from flying through the air and falling back to earth. From bungee jumps, to the blast-off towers, to a free-fall into a double-reinforced stunt-quality safety net, visits to Zero Gravity are never short on thrills.

Of course, Zero Gravity prides itself on safety first. The park’s flawless safety record is due to the well-trained and highly attentive staff, as well as the extensive safety measures. If there is any doubt whether you will or won’t be safe, the staff of Zero Gravity won’t let you do it!

Both individual ride tickets and bundle ride tickets are available, and for a little extra, you can also have a video of your riding experience shot and pressed to DVD, so you can relive the ride again and again. Group and party rates are also available, making this the perfect place to spend one’s birthday or other celebreation.