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That’s all we’re about.  Have you ever wanted to do something fun, but you wasted all your time looking for it? uses local guides to find the coolest hidden stuff.  Different stuff.  Not the same old stuff.  Then we categorize it in a way that’s easy to sort. And we don’t bombard you with distracting ads.

We find the newest, coolest, and trendiest places to go in each city. We simplify your choices on new activities to experience, new restaurants to eat at, new nighttime places to hang out at, and so much more.

Mark your favorite places, and share them with others.  See current local events.   Deals and online coupons are listed to stretch your budget.  We hope you enjoy the site, and we value your input as we continue to grow.  Please send suggestions and feedback through our contact form

Robert McDaniel

Managing Editor

Bob McDanielRobert is the chief fun-finder.  His only reason to live is to help people find fun things to do….quickly.

He has a long boring background, working for the Fortune 500 in marketing and management, and he has owned several successful businesses including an Adventure Park. If you care about that sort of stuff, buy him a drink sometime, and discuss your business plan.  But he would much rather discuss this new water jet pack he’s dying to try or this crazy rope swing that he loves to watch but will never try

Robert strives to constantly improve the user experience at and to ensure that fun businesses get the exposure that they deserve.

Christian Roule


Christian RouleChristian runs the day-to-day operations of the Thingstodoindallas website.  His job is to vet the articles and places to make sure they are fun and accurately described.

With his background in content writing and editing, Christian has an eye for creative flair and the important details that make something fun and easy to read.

Christian started working with Thingstodoindallas during its inception.

Christian is a published author under a nomme de plume.

Mikkela Blanton


Mary Frenkel

A lover of the written word and food, Mikkela decided that combining her passion for the two was the perfect career option while still in her 20-somethings. When not writing, Mikkela is an avid traveler, eater, reader, news-follower, and exercise and outdoor fanatic.


Mary Frenkel


Mary Frenkel

Originally from Dallas, Mary Frenkel is a twenty-something freelance writer in Austin, TX. She enjoys reviewing new and exciting small businesses and being able to add humor into her work. When she isn’t writing, you can find Mary pinning on Pinterest, redecorating her home, or watching action movies with her husband and two cats.


Amanda Lyles


Amanda Lyles

Amanda is an Austin native who writes articles for the Thingstodoindallas website.  She has her finger on the pulse of excitement, and as a real “Austin girl,” she knows where to go to find the best places. Amanda translates her love of fun with her writing. She really loves telling people about fun places to go and interesting things to see.


Zubair Saleem

Technical Director

Zubair Saleem

Zubair is a code Ninja that keeps everything working under the hood on the Thingstodoindallas website. He has been the lead on many high profile IT projects, but they lost him and now he works with us. Sucks for them. Zubair’s special power is the ability to do everything with nothing, and we love him for it.



Ovidiu Pistol


Ovidiu PistolOvidiu makes everything pretty.  But his amazing skill is translating our vague concepts in to reality.  He never backs down from a design challenge.  Ovidiu has an extensive background in graphics design for websites and branding.




Angie Adams


Angie AdamsAngie is a CPA and graduate of Louisiana State University (Geaux Tigers). Her kindness and attentiveness to detail insure the best possible experience for clients. Basically she’s the only one of us that can count stuff without using our fingers. So we put her in charge of keeping the lights  on.