It isn’t often that you think of food and flowers in the same thought, but Corner Market Deli has been making folks do just that for years. On on hand, you have the Corner Market Florist, who works tirelessly with customers to find the best flower arrangements for any occasion.

But then you also have the Deli, and that is what many consider to be the true magic of Corner Market.

You see, the cornerstone of Corner Market Deli’s philosophy is quality. The same level of care you would use at home to make the perfect sandwich, the staff of Corner Market Deli does for you. And they use the freshest, best-tasting ingredients. And it’s built to your specification. So every sandwich you have is like you created it yourself, at home, how you like it.

During lunch rush, they can get a bit busy, so it’s not a place for a “quick bite to eat.” But if you want a great experience for a reasonable price, you cannot beat this local deli.