Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House is known for its burgers and its beer. That’s fair. It’s also known for it’s great service and great prices. That’s also fair. And lastly, it’s known for it’s great atmosphere and decor. All very fair.

But where Goodfriend really shines is its seating. You see, you gotta to enjoy those burgers and beers somewhere, so why not outside? The patio of Goodfriend’s is just one of those little touches that makes the place top-botch instead of just great. It’s more than a mere patio, it’s an honest to goodness beer garden!

When they get really busy, the surprisingly spacious covered patio pulses with a life of its very own. Even if you don’t know the other patrons, you’ll be united with each and every one of them under the banner of good food, good brews, and good company.

That makes perfect sense at a place called “Goodfriend”, doesn’t it?