Best Place in Dallas to go with Man’s Best Friend!

There’s no better place in Dallas to spend an afternoon with your furry friend than Mutt’s Canine Cantina. It’s a combination of cafe and dog park that caters to both human and canine customers.

Delicious Food for You and Your Dog

Come by and sample the delicious arrays of hamburgers, hotdogs, and other fare for you, then get milk bones, meats, and other special treats for your best friend. The owners crafted their menu specifically for a casual dining experience for both dog owners and their canine companions. The Mutts Burger, one of their signature items, is especially popular.

A Dog Park for Your Furry Friend

Also, there is the Mutts Dog Park. For a low monthly fee, you can come by anytime to let your furry friend wander around, run freely, mingle with other dogs, and basically feel the call of the wild. It’s the perfect place for you and your best buddy to spend an afternoon–so come on by!