It’s one of the most beautiful views in downtown Dallas, the view from the roof of the NYLO Dallas South Side. A hotel with a splendid restaurant and a full service bar, this is the place to go whether you want to have a good evening, or want to experience a wonderful overnight stay.

The rooms are all loft style with very comfortable beds, and the staff is as friendly as can be, also a phone call away to help you with whatever you need. The folks at the restaurant and the bar are very knowledgeable in the menu selection, and the concierge is one of the most courteous that I’ve ever met!

The prices for rooms, as well as the menu, are all very reasonable for a place located in downtown Dallas. You won’t break the break the bank here. The Soda Bar at the top floor has a view of Dallas that is so beautiful, they could easily make money just promoting that alone!

Overall, this is my favorite place to stay whenever I want a night away from home.