Skydive Dallas is one of the most highly ranked skydive businesses in the Dallas area, and offers plenty of fun (and safety) for those who want to spread their wings high up in the sky. If you want to find out how brave you really are, there’s no better place to try than at Skydive Dallas.

Tandem Dives for First-timers

If you’ve never gone skydiving before, it’s best to do so tandem – otherwise, the risks are much higher (learning before trying on your own is always best). By skydiving with a professional who’s go your back (and is literally strapped to it), you’ll feel way more comfortable soaring through the sky. A basic package for a first timer flyer, or a repeat tandem flight, is $229. A premium package allows you to skydive with another person filming the whole experience, and is priced at $329.

If You’re Feeling Daring…

For those who are gutsy enough to try it, a solo dive is an option as a first-timer. The basic package is $329, and includes a four-six hour jump training course, gear rental, a dive, logbook, parachute packing service, and more. Keep in mind that the solo jump is really more for the adrenaline junkie, and not the average person who wants to try skydiving.

Capture it on Camera

Nothing is cooler than watching yourself – and all the crazy emotions being played across your face – while in free fall. If you want to wow your friends and family after the big jump, nothing proves that you really did it like a video. For an extra cost, you can pay to have your whole jump filmed and made into a video set to music. If you’re going to make the jump, you might as well pay the extra cash to capture it all on camera.

Professional Service

One thing that’s really great about Skydive Dallas is the professional service that you’ll receive. When jumping out of plane, the last thing you want to have on your mind are questions about the training, experience, or safety of equipment. Happily, at Skydive Dallas, the only thing that you’ll be thinking about is how great the experience is, and how excited you are to make your jump. The staff is all highly trained, the equipment is top of the line, and everything is very professional and safe. In fact, most people say that the number one thing that makes this place so awesome are the people who work here.

Bring Your Whole Crew

If you want to get your whole crew’s adrenaline pumping, there’s no better place to go for a bachelor party, corporate event, birthday, group date, family reunion, or just big get together with friends. If you make a reservation in advance, Skydive Dallas will make sure that there’s plenty of room for everyone. And, if you book with a group, you’ll get a special price, which makes it that much more worth it.