A lot of times, when a sports fan goes to a sports bar, it’s just to catch a game. But some sports bars are so good that they become the regular drinking spot of a fan. Stan’s Blue Note has that kind of customer base, fans who come there after work for a drink.

Stan’s Blue Note’s back room sports an entire wall covered in big flat screen televisions dedicated just to the entertainment of its guests. The decor of Stan’s is very retro, it’s almost like the owners of the bar had a garage full of both memories and souvenirs of years past, took those memories and just decorated the bar with them. It gives Stan’s a unique kind of atmosphere.

As far as drinks go, they have a pretty solid selection of beers, with decent prices on pitchers. Stan’s even serves the beers in mason jars, giving the customers a one-of-a-kind experience. The patio is great for sitting back, relaxing, and watching people.

The food is definitely your average bar food, but it’s not bad or anything. Try the fried pickles or the nachos. Everything comes out quickly, so you never have to worry about the food cooling down. The staff is friendly, and will definitely chat you up while you order, drink, eat, or watch the next game.